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  Cassidy James Blaede b8f4ea365c Add tooltips with keyboard shortcuts 3 weeks ago
  Matt Baer 7d364e0a27 Add links to the app on Write.as / AppCenter 3 weeks ago
  Matt Baer eee4191db9 Bump version to 1.0.2 4 weeks ago
  Matt Baer 95dc0eb8cb Fix build_fontoption signature 4 weeks ago
  Matt Baer 8312087ec9 Reflect current font in menu on app load 4 weeks ago
  Matt Baer 2a7a5041c3 Remove unused light / dark mode icon 1 month ago
  Matt Baer 2c93de931b Fix null darkmode_switch 1 month ago
  Cassidy James Blaede 5b1e88c995 Initial ModeSwitch work 1 month ago
  Cassidy James Blaede 4c2be78f58 Resolve TODO 4 weeks ago
  Cassidy James Blaede d10d4081a2 Use Gtk.TextView.left_margin and right_margin instead of CSS padding 4 weeks ago
  Matt Baer e680afb059 Update screenshots 1 month ago
  Matt Baer ac04997301 Change social-info OARS value to 'moderate' 1 month ago
  Cassidy James Blaede 58e67738b7 Add tooltip to publish button 1 month ago
  Matt Baer cccffacf55 Mention writeas-gtk is libre, not gratis 1 month ago
  Matt Baer 708de8f0ae Bump version to 1.0.1 1 month ago
  Matt Baer 0436c4ae95 Fix deprecated cursor-color property 1 month ago
  Matt Baer 7a12af3c11 Fix font errors and spacing in GTK 3.20+ 1 month ago
  Matt Baer f0d601f98c Increase default font size to 16px 1 month ago
  Matt Baer 78a23713cf Don't show errors loading draft 1 month ago
  Matt Baer 9ba47ba191 Change Travis builds to deb-packaging branch 3 months ago
  Matt Baer 67b6198b5e Revert "Change ID to com.github.writeas.writeas-gtk" 3 months ago
  Matt Baer c0c8775c3a Revert "Fix more missing com.github.writeas.writeas-gtk IDs" 3 months ago
  Matt Baer b81fad066a Change metadata license to CC0 3 months ago
  Matt Baer b77c3e3ee7 Remove end "." from summary tag 3 months ago
  Matt Baer 7ed28be37e Populate content_rating tag 3 months ago
  Matt Baer 2ab2e04a23 Fix appdata.xml 3 months ago
  Matt Baer c3b0a35a2e Fix more missing com.github.writeas.writeas-gtk IDs 3 months ago
  Matt Baer 5928c4d845 Move version to 1.0.0 in meson.build 3 months ago
  Matt Baer 4c784b32c8 Change ID to com.github.writeas.writeas-gtk 3 months ago
  Matt Baer 39b2954701 Add .travis.yml 3 months ago
  Matt Baer 4aae0dbf16 Add suggested AppCenter price 3 months ago
  Matt Baer 1b34b41cb6 Bump version to 1.0.0 3 months ago
  Matt Baer 23f0f33e6f Output app version on startup 3 months ago
  Matt Baer 743b126984 Update app metadata 3 months ago
  Matt Baer d9972636a7 Prevent opening text files 3 months ago
  Matt Baer d19c8aef40 Return Markdown-enabled URL on publish 3 months ago
  Matt Baer 906afa6b3a Add OARS data 3 months ago
  Matt Baer d323b465d9 Recommend fonts-lora package 3 months ago
  Matt Baer fa241e84b2 Tweak metadata descriptions 3 months ago
  Matt Baer 7d842426e4 Update screenshots 3 months ago
  Matt Baer 16f23dbcf9 Use GitHub for issue tracking URL 3 months ago
  Matt Baer c97f00b5e7 Mention what to do after publishing 3 months ago
  Matt Baer 9cf1301a2c Improve README 3 months ago
  Matt Baer 8318eaa2f5 Remove underscores from Save as dialog 3 months ago
  Matt Baer 6e530b33d2 Set User-Agent on the CLI 3 months ago
  Matt Baer 047e111258 Add user guide 3 months ago
  Matt Baer 5203186291 Remove ability to open files 4 months ago
  Matt Baer 1dffb66e67 Bump version to 1.0.0-beta 4 months ago
  Matt Baer fab4fb3060 Update AppData copy and metadata 4 months ago
  Adrian Cochrane 5746cd213c Optimize test for whether a dark mode is available. 4 months ago