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For a UI toolkit it uses GTK, and relies on the [writeas-cli]( for API calls and post management.

## Usage

See the [User Guide](

## Installation GTK uses the [Meson/Ninja]( build system, and as such you can install it on
any FreeDesktop.Org compatible system using:

meson build && cd build
sudo ninja install
# Install latest version of meson
# Either via pip:
pip3 install meson
# Or, if you need to build the .deb:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jonathonf/meson
sudo apt update
sudo apt install meson

# Build
meson build && cd build

# Install
sudo ninja install

This will install the executable file and the metadata required to integrate with
those desktops. It also installs metadata to be collected by package repositories
which integrate with certain package managers for richer presentation of apps.

Though not required for local use, GTK relies on our [command-line interface]( for publishing to
Install it by downloading the [latest release]( or, with [Go (golang)]( installed, running:

go get

## Packaging
You can package GTK for Debian/Apt-based systems by running in this
repository's root directory: