Convert WriteFreely quotes to Instagram / PixelFed posts.
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This tool generates a social media-friendly graphic from some text. It’s especially made to be paired with WriteFreely, a minimalist blogging platform.


To run this, you’ll need Go installed. With that, you can compile the project:

go get

Then you can run wfgraphic-cli with the options below.

Usage of wfgraphic-cli:
  -font string
        Post font (options: "serif", "sans", "mono") (default "serif")
  -h string
        WriteFreely instance hostname (e.g. "")
  -o string
        Image output filename (default "out.png")
  -size string
        Image size, either a single number for a square (e.g. "900") or a combined width and height (e.g. "1080x1920") (default "1024")
  -u string
        WriteFreely author username (for multi-user instances)

The actual content of the graphic is read from stdin, which you can either supply when prompted to, or pipe in, for example:

cat quote.txt | ./wfgraphic-cli -h -u blog


Sample using default fonts. Sample using 'sans' font and a custom domain.