Simple telnet server for
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Build Status #writeas on freenode Public Slack discussion

This is a simple telnet-based interface for publishing text. Users connect and paste / type what they want to publish. Upon indicating that they’re finished, a link is generated to access their new post on the web. telnet server

Try it

Or not :(. We had to shut it down because it was getting DDoSed too much. But you can still run it yourself.


Run it yourself

  nerds [options]

       Enables garrulous debug logging.
       Directory where text files will be stored.
       Directory where required static files exist (like the banner).
       Hostname of the server to rsync saved files to.
       Port to listen on.

The default configuration (without any flags) is essentially:

nerds -o /var/write -s . -p 2323

How it works

The user’s input is simply written to a flat file in a given directory. To provide web access, a web server (sold separately) serves all files in this directory as plain/text. That’s it!


This project is licensed under the MIT open source license.