Various helpers for the tildeverse.
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Various scripts and programs for the tildeverse.


tildelog has moved to squigglelog.


Use code to generate a list of files contained within a given directory under their home folder. This was originally made to see who had a Code directory (this is the default), but you can specify whatever common directory you’d like to find. Do this:

go build code.go
./code -d bin

This outputs an HTML file in your public_html/ folder based on the templates/code.html template. The HTML file will be named after whatever directory you’re scanning, so in this example, it’d be public_html/bin.html.

multiple sources

You can optionally supply multiple folders by passing a comma-separated list of folder to the -d flag. The first folder in the list will be used as the output file name.

go build code.go
./code -d Code,code,projects

This lists files in /home/*/{Code,code,projects}/*.