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  Matt Baer 16294edeb5 Fix tree and blob URLs for Gitea / Gogs 3 years ago
  Matt Baer cd8b76423e Link to this fork in the footer 3 years ago
  Matt Baer 6a7fdcb493 Redirect / to code.as fork 3 years ago
  Matt Baer 482a86ec75 Remove GitHub mentions in error messages 3 years ago
  Matt Baer 595f6e6a43 Find repos at /{repo}/go-{repo} 3 years ago
  Matt Baer e844dec5c7 Mention this fork's changes in README 3 years ago
  Matt Baer cf2ea52159 Add vi temp files to gitignore 3 years ago
  Matt Baer c1f5d067a2 Add --src flag 3 years ago
  Matt Baer 91da7c59de Merge remote-tracking branch 'alexkappa/master' 3 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer 4a378b52d4 Fix redirection logic. 3 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer f9c1285817 Add redirect to handle improper fsnotify rename. 3 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer 52a51a4957 Use new ForceRSA option and drop custom acme patch. 3 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer d396a77f10 Proxy upload pack, due to changes in git itself. 3 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer c70d35213a Let's Encrypt support. 4 years ago
  alexkappa 44d1b902ee renamed github flag to username based on feedback 6 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer 65998c5554 New godoc.org's go-source support by Gary Burd. 6 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer 224efbc020 Add some tests for reference changes. 6 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer f99b4a1b2a Handle symref capability and repos with no master. 6 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer cac38eedcd Support vN-unstable branches and tags. 6 years ago
  Gary Burd 1249271eb3 Add support for the go-source meta tag. 7 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer cda7bad625 Merge pull request #26 from libgo/code-read 7 years ago
  Nathan Youngman 2ed03dbf05 revisions based on @niemeyer's review 7 years ago
  Nathan Youngman b1f2f8e0fd minimal README 7 years ago
  Nathan Youngman 06fff2f2c8 add a few comments 7 years ago
  Nathan Youngman a706b00c10 use gopkg.in/check.v1 7 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer 2b9b369f9a Add LICENSE file. 7 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer 1a40e098f5 Allow dots in subpackages as well. 7 years ago
  alexkappa 76c15c68ce Added flag for github username. 7 years ago
  alexkappa 8f273bbc21 Adding a domain flag to set the domain name of the app. 7 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer f9c08a5b59 Fix Version.IsValid. 7 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer adbf86173c Add timeouts for client http connections. 7 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer 538a704495 Query godoc.org concurrently and timeout. 7 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer 828a3107e2 Resolve conflicts from Geert-Johan's godot branch. 7 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer 5920fdae04 Drop debugging left over. 7 years ago
  GeertJohan c5b57c5f48 Screenscrap package name from godoc.org 7 years ago
  GeertJohan d0adad6501 Rename field Repo.PackageName to Repo.Name 7 years ago
  GeertJohan 9a0818c3f5 Change template.Execute error logging 7 years ago
  GeertJohan 8f75e370d8 s/apiPkg/result 7 years ago
  GeertJohan d22ea164e2 Rename identifiers used with gddo search api 7 years ago
  GeertJohan ee829b2fb1 Save gopkgPath before for loop 7 years ago
  GeertJohan c60021a937 Moved synopsis to header 7 years ago
  GeertJohan e9cedd50cb Some styling changes 7 years ago
  GeertJohan 48d36c04db Add package synopsis. 7 years ago
  GeertJohan 51bc41a128 Update regexp patternNew to allow dot in package name 7 years ago
  GeertJohan f45719d227 Strip out go. from clean package name. 7 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer 2e785d367f Strip out go- and -go from clean package name. 7 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer 84fc7be938 interface.go => page.go (avoid "Go interface") 7 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer 678762bb84 Allow uppercase usernames. 7 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer b660e6cc1b Merge back from GitHub's master. 7 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer 53dd2f8a45 Add "For more details" note. 7 years ago