118 Commits (v1.0.1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Matt Baer 9227c15c3c Shorten `meson build` instructions in README 5 years ago
  Matt Baer 8076cb1c33 Fix font preference not persisting when loading w/ dark mode 5 years ago
  Matt Baer c39c5e0742 Support toggling theme with Ctrl+T 5 years ago
  Matt Baer 07e5f7653b Set dark mode button state correctly on load 5 years ago
  Matt Baer 7b4445955e Support publishing with Ctrl+Enter shortcut 5 years ago
  Matt Baer 2c51409242 Set title to "Write.as", not word count 5 years ago
  Matt Baer 7d0cad5ca2 Update copyright year to 2018 5 years ago
  Matt Baer e658601849 Change maintainer to Write.as 5 years ago
  Matt Baer 758f9dd76b Specify correct valac version requirement 5 years ago
  Matt Baer 4217fcc042 Remove unused dependencies like libsoup 5 years ago
  Matt Baer 081126aaa6 Rename write-as-gtk to writeas-gtk 5 years ago
  Matt Baer 7062bff9aa Use larger font size 5 years ago
  Matt Baer 30b2514b49 Only open browser on successful publish 5 years ago
  Matt Baer caeebc37f3 Publish correct draft file 5 years ago
  Matt Baer f080df15e7 Add .gitignore 5 years ago
  Matt Baer 7fe4b7c44b Capitalize Write.as 5 years ago
  Matt Baer ffe3ae65fe Support closing app via Ctrl+W or Ctrl+Q 5 years ago
  Matt Baer fdfbfb2645 Store draft and preferences in ~/.writeas folder 5 years ago
  Matt Baer 750004effa Use same dark background as web editor 5 years ago
  Matt Baer 54d7f5b8b7 Fix application icon on Ubuntu 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane c973cc332a Fix problem with reading the theme info. 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane e5e07b1baf Remove dependencies that are now encapsulated by the CLI. 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane 2c8635bf23 Save theme information. 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane 7546eefb75 Indicate selected font. 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane 9b6e6d8b4d Add a window icon for taskbars which don't read the application launcher. 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane ef5d657d0c Tidy up new publishing code. 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane 86e2c0f7b6 Switch to using the commandline. 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane 6b8e15f78f Merge branch 'master' of https://code.as/writeas/writeas-gtk 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane f411646722 Add scrollbars to fix window sizing. 5 years ago
  Matt Baer e1599a2bf8 Fix Recommend field in debian control file 5 years ago
  Matt Baer 62deb28472 Fix monospace font value 5 years ago
  Matt Baer 55678c93b9 Append publish result instead of replacing text 5 years ago
  Matt Baer 242377cf60 Add screenshots to metadata 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane 556c3c6a0b Small debian fixes. 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane ddc2f07601 Fix debian packaging files and add instructions for use. 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane 6211c96128 Merge README from branch 'master' of https://code.as/writeas/writeas-gtk 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane ed0c0f9ed4 Add basic Debian packaging information. 5 years ago
  adrian b15acc4016 Update 'README.md' 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane af65924a95 Document how to install this app and what that gives you. 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane 9d58e07e06 Take some screenshots package repositories can use. 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane 05cb9be6bd Fix some lagginess caused by autosave. 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane dcde2f0bda Allow publishing in the different font faces. 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane 150f20035d Implement the 'always-saved' feature both write.as and elementary pride themselves on. 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane e91fb6601b Remove some dead code. 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane 780516af8a Fix publishing to Write.as. 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane 17636c56e6 Add publish button. 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane 4296090209 Add proper license and contact info to metadata. 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane a9fc27ce87 Sketch out code to publish text to write.as 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane 886e493e03 Add a wordcount for a title, similar to the web UI. 5 years ago
  Adrian Cochrane 25923d8354 Allow other applications to open text files with Odysseus. 5 years ago