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  Matt Baer b9117cab2c Update README now that v2 is merged 3 months ago
  Matt Baer 64c4bcf8fc Change version to 2 3 months ago
  Matt Baer b35223f930 Update developer.write.as -> developers.write.as 3 months ago
  Matt Baer e6d5a2e79c Tweak "too many login reqs" error message 5 months ago
  Matt Baer ada6b850c1 Revert "Merge pull request #18 from writeas/include-coll" 5 months ago
  Rob j Loranger 8463946e2d
Merge pull request #18 from writeas/include-coll 5 months ago
  Rob Loranger 3e525f7a24
include collection and id in postparams 5 months ago
  Matt Baer 8cf5d50560 Merge branch 'v2' 6 months ago
  Rob Loranger 064e8a36c8
do not exclude ID in OwnedPostParams 6 months ago
  Rob Loranger 268710536d
use POST for claim posts endpoint 6 months ago
  Rob Loranger de8ce4dcd2
closes T589 update tests to use dev client 6 months ago
  Rob Loranger 7c3a6949d5
fixes failing tests 6 months ago
  Rob Loranger a853522f69
adds GetCollectionPost 6 months ago
  Matt Baer 8728275c31 `Set` User-Agent header instead of `Add`ing it 6 months ago
  Matt Baer 801952e0b5
Merge pull request #13 from abhinav/delete-collection 6 months ago
  Matt Baer 7a2c93ae6d Revert "DeleteCollection: Make params a struct" 6 months ago
  Matt Baer 1a39cf8c38
Merge pull request #15 from SamWhited/support_modules_v2 6 months ago
  Matt Baer 68e987de6e
Merge pull request #12 from abhinav/goimports 6 months ago
  Matt Baer 062df41a63 Add Slug, Created, and Updated to PostParams 10 months ago
  Matt Baer d4fd65f9c0 Add Description to CollectionParams 10 months ago
  Matt Baer ec51782fe3
Merge pull request #10 from SamWhited/support_modules 10 months ago
  Sam Whited 3fb123eead Support Go Modules 11 months ago
  Sam Whited d577f3277f Support Go Modules 11 months ago
  Abhinav Gupta 1d34eede72 DeleteCollection: Make params a struct 11 months ago
  Abhinav Gupta f962e5052b collection: Add support for deletion 11 months ago
  Abhinav Gupta 993ee50b3d style: Run goimports on everything 11 months ago
  Matt Baer 68cbee8f4a
Merge pull request #9 from abhinav/v2 11 months ago
  Abhinav Gupta 2ad70a7602 Add NewClientWith constructor 11 months ago
  Matt Baer cbbd4ec209 Pass along edit token on post update 1 year ago
  Matt Baer 9f0a63ee86 Add Version constant 1 year ago
  Matt Baer 470dc287c6 Move update params in Update|DeletePost 1 year ago
  Matt Baer 2564207297 Return actual error message when request fails 1 year ago
  Matt Baer 5d3a329a7a Rearrange status checks in CreatePost 1 year ago
  Matt Baer ca804e86e2 Fix "problem {x}ing post" copy-pasted error messages 1 year ago
  Matt Baer cffca70254 Add v2 warning in README 1 year ago
  Matt Baer b88b7e4e51 Reflect breaking v2 changes in examples and tests 1 year ago
  Matt Baer b7c23e245e Merge tag 'v1.1' 1 year ago
  Matt Baer cf3c150ac9 Fix examples in README 1 year ago
  Matt Baer 50941b5d00 Use versioned library URL 1 year ago
  Matt Baer 2915667895 Rearrange status checks in UpdatePost 1 year ago
  Matt Baer f8191a8ea4 Rearrange status checks in LogIn 1 year ago
  Matt Baer 78fe498545 Rearrange status checks in CreateCollection 1 year ago
  Matt Baer b8261ce08b Add authentication test 1 year ago
  Matt Baer 9b40a6fb2d Fix post tests 1 year ago
  Matt Baer ed584d036d Support unpinning posts 1 year ago
  Matt Baer d3ace8c73b Support pinning posts 1 year ago
  Matt Baer afa9ecff12 Automatically set access token on client on login 1 year ago
  Matt Baer 21dfda1c03 Add `updated` property on posts 1 year ago
  Matt Baer 253cf3cf19 Support retrieving auth'd user's collections 1 year ago
  Matt Baer 5e85229ef2 Fix collection_test log 1 year ago