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Matt Baer

A software engineer who writes software that doesn't waste your time.


  • Privacy and information security enthusiast.
  • Builds software for personal enjoyment.
  • Prefers laptops to smartphones.
  • Purchases physical media.
  • Only sometimes uses a VPN for questionable internet searches.
  • Would generally rather be outside.


  1. Coffee: black
  2. Milk: whole
  3. Sandwich: sans mayo
  4. Season: fall
  5. Writing utensil: Precise V5
  6. Indentation: 1TBS
  7. Text editor: vim
  8. Data: relational
  9. Language: Go
  10. CSS pre-processor: Less
  11. Desktop environment: Ubuntu
  12. Mobile environment: Android
  13. Authentication method for your cool new product: 10 Minute Mail or SharkLasers

Last Seen




  • Android apps in Java
  • iOS apps in Objective-C and Swift
  • Frontend code in plain Javascript
  • Backend and everything else in Go


Write.as, a versatile publishing platform.

Breezy HR, a beautiful, visual hiring tool.