Make Medium Readable Again

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I've gotten a little tired of showing up to a Medium-powered site on a domain and getting badgered to Sign Up! or Get Updates! when I'm already a Medium user. It's also annoying to have a vertically-small reading viewport because the top and bottom nav bars don't auto-hide. I know -- Who owns a 12.1" laptop anymore?, right? Well... today I decided I couldn't abide that anymore, and made a browser extension to neutralize these user hostilities.

This is that browser extension. Install it on Chrome or on Firefox.

Improves readability by

  • Keeping the top navigation bar from sticking around
  • Hiding the bottom "Get Updates" bar completely
  • Shrinking massive header images
  • (Optionally) hiding the clap / share bar
  • (Optionally) loading all post images up front, instead of lazy loading as you scroll


Unreadable Medium

Medium Made Readable Again Medium Made Readable Again


Want to improve something? Your insight is welcome here! Send a pull request!




I'm Matt Baer, and I'm tired of annoying, user-hostile software. So I built a publishing space called that doesn't beg you to sign up, lets you read, and leaves out the comments, claps, and dickbars. It's great if you just want to be left alone to get your thoughts out. And if you get lonely, you can always publish straight to Medium.