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abcang 07b057eabb Validate Web::PushSubscription (#11971) 2 years ago
.gitkeep Add post-deployment migration system (#8182) 4 years ago
20180813113448_copy_status_stats_cleanup.rb Move status counters to separate table, count replies (#8104) 4 years ago
20181116184611_copy_account_stats_cleanup.rb Extract counters from accounts table to account_stats table (#9295) 3 years ago
20190511152737_remove_suspended_silenced_account_fields.rb Record account suspend/silence time and keep track of domain blocks (#10660) 3 years ago
20190519130537_remove_boosts_widening_audience.rb Revert "Remove conversation URI (#11423)" (#11424) 3 years ago
20190706233204_drop_stream_entries.rb Remove Atom feeds and old URLs in the form of `GET /:username/updates/:id` (#11247) 3 years ago
20190715031050_drop_subscriptions.rb Remove WebSub subscriptions (#11303) 3 years ago
20190901040524_remove_score_from_tags.rb Change trending hashtags to not disappear instantly after midnight (#11712) 2 years ago
20190927124642_remove_invalid_web_push_subscription.rb Validate Web::PushSubscription (#11971) 2 years ago