43 Commits (16294edeb54f4dbca0af7c42b387f54081ac2a20)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Matt Baer 16294edeb5 Fix tree and blob URLs for Gitea / Gogs 2 years ago
  Matt Baer 6a7fdcb493 Redirect / to code.as fork 3 years ago
  Matt Baer 482a86ec75 Remove GitHub mentions in error messages 3 years ago
  Matt Baer 595f6e6a43 Find repos at /{repo}/go-{repo} 3 years ago
  Matt Baer c1f5d067a2 Add --src flag 3 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer 4a378b52d4 Fix redirection logic. 3 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer f9c1285817 Add redirect to handle improper fsnotify rename. 3 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer 52a51a4957 Use new ForceRSA option and drop custom acme patch. 3 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer d396a77f10 Proxy upload pack, due to changes in git itself. 3 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer c70d35213a Let's Encrypt support. 4 years ago
  alexkappa 44d1b902ee renamed github flag to username based on feedback 6 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer 224efbc020 Add some tests for reference changes. 6 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer f99b4a1b2a Handle symref capability and repos with no master. 6 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer cac38eedcd Support vN-unstable branches and tags. 6 years ago
  Gary Burd 1249271eb3 Add support for the go-source meta tag. 6 years ago
  Nathan Youngman 06fff2f2c8 add a few comments 7 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer 1a40e098f5 Allow dots in subpackages as well. 7 years ago
  alexkappa 76c15c68ce Added flag for github username. 7 years ago
  alexkappa 8f273bbc21 Adding a domain flag to set the domain name of the app. 7 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer adbf86173c Add timeouts for client http connections. 7 years ago
  GeertJohan d0adad6501 Rename field Repo.PackageName to Repo.Name 7 years ago
  GeertJohan 51bc41a128 Update regexp patternNew to allow dot in package name 7 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer 966f02619c Peel-off annotated tags. 7 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer a202dc02e0 Minor polishing before the release. 7 years ago
  GeertJohan 8f69a030ee Change regexp to allow uppercase letters in username/organization name 7 years ago
  GeertJohan 94cfe607cb Remove dispensable var 7 years ago
  GeertJohan aa591d48ee Remove old code 7 years ago
  GeertJohan af91d449d3 inline goget var 7 years ago
  GeertJohan 4dccdf9073 Drop versioned name feature 7 years ago
  GeertJohan 485a1b25b0 Fix "typo" 7 years ago
  GeertJohan f2f6cbda4e Add interface page. 7 years ago
  GeertJohan ca4ee5569f Add missing return statement. 7 years ago
  GeertJohan d25e20e4a7 Revert "Send nice error when version number is out of range" 7 years ago
  GeertJohan f4151cb744 Send nice error when version number is out of range 7 years ago
  GeertJohan d3f8a12f51 Fix missing return statement 7 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer c1a41612fe godoc.org is down; redirect to labix.org instead. 7 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer 3334c06823 New versioning pattern. 7 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer e688f13d79 Improved version matching. 7 years ago
  Gustavo Niemeyer 95414b2945 Import into repository. 7 years ago